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My Photographic Style - Photography Exhibition
The exhibition "My Photographic Style" was held between June 21 and July1, 2007, at the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti", Bucharest. The authors of the exhibited works are graduates of the first two series of the training for the Photographer occupation, an authorised programme for professional training, organised by the Centre for Professional Training in Culture that began this year.

Business-Edu Expo 2007
The Centre for Professional Training in Culture took part in the business education and training fair Business-Edu Expo 2007, held at the Dalles Hall between April 25 and April 27, 2007. Business-Edu Expo 2007 intended to present to human resources professionals and to managers interested in the professional development of their employees the latest professional training and learning techniques, methodologies and technologies. The event joined well-known professional training providers and included presentations of products and services, demonstrations, workshops and book launches.

The Museum Today - Beyond Own Space
The Centre for Professional Training in Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs organized on February 28, 2007 a session of presentations and debates on opening museum institutions to unconventional exhibition spaces and new methods of interacting with the public. The meeting joined more than 50 museographers and cultural managers from Romania.

The Fair of Temporary Exhibitions
Between December 7 and 8, 2006, The Centre for Professional Training in Culture participated in the second edition of "The Fair of Temporary Exhibitions" organised by the Brasov County Museum, with the exhibition "Biography of a Passion", curator Mihaela Mănărăzan.

Biography of a Passion
Biography of a Passion is the title of the exhibition organised by the Centre for Professional Training in Culture, held in Baia Mare between October 14, 2006 and November 12, 2006. The exhibition joined photographs, posters, pieces of furniture, objects from the collections of Romanian museums.

Journal of an Age, a series of events including also the exhibition Biography of a Passion, deals with the topics of daily life in the beginning of the 20th century, in terms of privacy, emotions and the meaning of life experiences.

Partners: the Business Centre Millenium III, the National History Museum of Transilvania, the Maramures County Museum of History and Archaeology, the Library of the Romanian Academy, the National Centre of Cinematography, the French Cultural Institute, the Baia Mare American Corner.

Management and Organisational Development in Culture
The Centre for Professional Training in Culture organised on June 12, 2006 the workshop on "Management and Organisational Development in Culture", an analysis of the ways to achieve an effective management in the cultural field.

Effective Communication for Non-Profit Organisations and Institutions
Between June 9, and June 10, 2006, a national conference on communication for non-profit organisations took place in Bucharest. This event targeted the improvement of the management skills of the representatives of local or national non-profit organizations and institutions in the social, cultural or educational fields by promoting best practices in Public Relations.

Organisers: the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, SNSPA, the Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, the Centre for Professional Training in Culture and New Media Agency.

Industrial Heritage in Former Communist Countries - online forum
On the International Day of Monuments and Sites that is annually celebrated on April 18, which, in this year, had as its topic the industrial heritage (additional information on this subject can be consulted on www.international.icomos.org or www.mnactec.com/TICCIH), the Centre for Professional Training in Culture launched a repertoire for Romanian specialists in industrial heritage and organised an online forum, in which several Romanian and international specialists participated.


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